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Our culture
At MixBytes, we believe that the way to success is to believe and be really passionate about what you are doing. Your everyday work can change the world around you. As a team keen on technology, we always strive to attract like-minded people to develop it even more.

We are collaborating with well-known companies and are also leading our own projects. We work at the cutting edge of applied computer science, tackling the real technical problems of implementing algorithms and finding solutions for our projects and clients.
What we offer
  • tasks at the forefront of technological progress;
  • competitive salary;
  • the ability to work remotely;
  • clients and projects from all over the world;
  • lack of bureaucracy;
  • flexible schedule.

Open job positions

Blockchain/Smart Contract Security Auditor
You are able to find other people's errors at a glance
You are familiar with smart contracts
You are logic friendly, attentive and meticulous
You are interested in decentralized networks
You love teamwork and wholesome competition


  • Audit of smart contracts for logical errors, vulnerabilities, violation of invariants, code self-consistency.
  • Audit of crypto and decentralized protocols.
  • Audit of decentralized systems and models.
  • Audit using automated tools.
  • Writing PoC tests.
  • Development of recommendations to eliminate problems identified during the audit.

Key Requirements:

  • Irrepressible desire and skill to break someone else's code.
  • Development experience 5+ years.
  • Basic knowledge of cryptography, understanding of cryptographic protocols.
  • Good mathematical background

Nice-to-have skills:

  • Solidity development / audit experience.
  • JavaScript development experience.
  • EOS experience, WebAssembly.
  • Experience in C ++, Node, Rust, Go, Python.
  • Knowledge of * nix, experience in the console.
  • Experience with Mythril, Slither, Oyente, Manticore.
  • Experience with Docker.
  • Understanding of Consensus Algorithms
  • Basic knowledge of algorithms, data structures, graphs, finite state machines.

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    Rust Developer
    You are experienced in Rust production development
    You have a good understanding of the Rust ecosystem
    You are good at algorithms and data structures, operating systems, backend and frontend solutions, code optimization
    You are keen on decentralized systems and modern cryptography
    You love teamwork and want to write open-source code


    Design, research and develop blockchain-based solutions. You may also be engaged into:
    • Developing decentralized high-performance systems
    • Building reliable and fast data storages
    • Working with virtual machines used by modern blockchains: WebAssembly, EVM, TVM
    • Implementing consensus algorithms and other protocols
    • Programming and optimizing smart contracts
    • Security audits of third-party and internal solutions
    • Developing infrastructure software

    Required qualifications:

    Willingness to learn on the go, ability to write open-source code and work in a team, a strong sense of responsibility.

    Tech Stack:

    Rust, Cargo, Git, basic knowledge of high-level language (-s) (JavaScript is preferable), Linux, bash, ability to work with Docker.

    Nice to have:

    Understanding of (experience in) C++/Java/Go; any background knowledge relevant for the position, such as: blockchain development experience, cryptography and system software development experience, understanding of operating systems, networks, ability to design algorithms and mathematical models.

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      DevOps engineer

        • Cloud infrastructure administration and support
        • Building secure, reliable, and accessible DevOps solutions
        • Deployment and administration of services, applications, databases (both SQL and NoSQL)
        • Failure prevention and trouble shooting
        • Automation, containerization, and minimization of the human factor
        • Providing CI/CD infrastructure of open-source projects
        • Interaction with developers and management


        • Experience in administration of highly available fault-tolerant services
        • Organizing and maintaining a high level of information security
        • 3+ years of Linux administration and configuration
        • Experience in web and network services administration
        • Good knowledge of Ansible, Docker, incl. Dockerfile development, services, service stacks
        • Solid skills in software provisioning, configuration management, infrastructure as code
        • Knowledge of AWS
        • Deep understanding of Prometheus, Grafana, etc.
        • Experience in tasks automation in script languages
        • Network technology knowledge
        • Git experience

        + Desire to learn new services and technologies
        + Fast learner, stress tolerant, responsible, attentive

        Nice-to-have skills:

        • AWS: debugging and optimizing cloud resource usage
        • Skills in Terraform, PostgreSQL, Travis CI
        • Knowledge of administering payment services or cryptographic protection solutions
        • Cloudflare/qrator experience
        • Knowledge of JS, Node, Python, Java, Ruby, experience in work automation of language-specific packs
        • Ability to write specifications for RPM/DEB packages

        Key stack:
        Linux, Ansible, Docker, Git

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